Friday, December 24, 2010

Diamond in the rough

I'm tired of blowing kisses,
I'm depleted of air...
My lungs cannot support
all the weight in the atmosphere

While I'm always dressed in diamonds
You've got your eye on my pearls
They're not yours for the taking
I only have so many I can give out

I'd like to rest my head on satin
but I guess it's in the clouds
Who am I to think
I should be given anything but filth?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My brain has been shook with the thought of your eyes
My stomach has shrunk with the thought of your eyes
My heart has sunk with the thought of your eyes
All because my eyes they have shut to you

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stuck in shackles

The weight of my ankles like shackles
They pull down my skin
I am forced to move slowly
While I hold on tight to who I am
I want to sway with the winds that call out
for me
If I was much lighter I would
be swept off my feet

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You bring with you a storm each time you come to cross my way
Your winds are gentle but they rustle my hair
And then you go your way
You may think of me unwise but I know the track you've laid
Regardless of the trees you've tumbled through
I believe if you find water you'll make waves

It's not about love in a moment like this
It's not about finding peace
It's about the impact you will make once you find that you have strength

A woman will hold you
And a woman will keep you
But the one who loves you most will let you go your way

Go out to the ocean and stir up the sea
Then bring it back to me on the shore
And blanket me with your waves

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Society is silly - society is sad

What does it mean to wake up to rain drops
Beating, beating, beating on the rooftop
Above where I lie
Falling from the suburban sky
Without signs of stopping
Noting, nothing, nothing at all
It's the American dream!


When I was healthy I was happy
But when I was healthy I did not know
When I was healthy I was happy
And when I was happy I did not know
But I'll never forget
All that time
All that time ago

The birth of venus

In and out forcefully,
the beginning of time
Creating a mother
who regrets all her life
Stuck in the place where
the water meets land
and telling her of things
that she never understands
Pulling all the hair out from her head
and others
it started so beautifully
what did you do to her?
Trapped in a place where water meets land
on shore you are washed up
and beaten again
In and out moving
all of the time
While all of your body is resting on elements
dripping and shedding
pulling at everything
pulling the hair out that's left from your head
in and out for the rest of time